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Judging a book by it's cover

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Judging a book by it's cover

Pagan and magick books do not a terrorist make

One of the reasons I started this blog was to show that libertarians and Pagans were not so different from other people. Despite the myth, libertarians aren't heavily armed loners camped out in the mountains ready to overthrow the government or shoot anyone who gets too close. And Pagans aren't crouching naked in the bushes with a knife clenched between our teeth waiting for our chance to rape your kids or sacrifice your cats under the next full moon. Most of us aren't doing it for the attention, we're people too. We're just trying to live our lives the way we choose.

Well, today this has been making the rounds of the Pagan boards.

Now I don't know this guy. I can't speak to his character. But why in the world was it necessary to mention books as if the books themselves were dangerous?

In my library, I have two English translations of the Koran. That certainly doesn't make me a terrorist. I also have six translations of the Bible and numerous commentaries, but somehow I don't think those would get noticed.

Obviously I have many Pagan or Pagan-related books. These range from the "how to" 101 type to the more scholarly like Hutton's Triumph of the Moon.

Let's see, to my right I probably have about 200 or so business books left over from my days as a Corporate Clone. These range from accounting to motivating small teams to interview techniques to very basic business law.

There are another 40 or so on film and television production. Not to mention all sorts of writers tools.

I think I have 20 or so on homosexuality. I am not gay myself, but I wanted to understand some of the politics and issues.

Boxes of Macintosh books, about half of which are outdated.

A couple of shelves on seduction, flirting, and recreational sex, including one very small privately printed book of love verses from the Bible.

Half a shelf of architecture books.

Three shelves of books on thinking and techniques.

A fair number of books on autism and Asperger syndrome. Some on depression and bipolar disorder.

More history books than I can find. About a third of a shelf on historical theory.

Four shelves on politics.

That is just one wall in my office.

The short one with the door in it.

What does all that say about me?

Posted: Wed - October 12, 2005 at 06:29 PM

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