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One thing that can keep you free

I’m going to tell you again about jury nullification. Actually I’m going to point you to a pretty decent article.

You should know about it, it’s one of the things that can keep you free.

Just because something is legal doesn’t mean that it is just. Laws are created by politicos, laws are seldom about justice.

Each and every juror MUST judge both the accused and the law under which the accusation was made.

If the law is wrong, justice must be served.

Think about this.

Judges may not judge the law and the accused at the same time. Only jurors may do that.

And no matter what the judges and lawyers tell you, jurors have had that power since before the Republic. It can not be taken from them by the courts, the legislature, or the executive.

The juror’s power is not either/or, it is rooted in justice. We entrust that power not to one group or one person, but to strangers gathered to serve justice.

Not the law.


Let freedom ring.

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