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Military honor

I’m loyal to nothing, General,… except the Dream
	— Captain America in Daredevil #233

Last night after the internet came back up, I watched the last episode of Agent Carter. Hopefully it will be picked up next year.

Stars above, I love a strong woman character. And Peggy Carter is one of the best.

Watching her in the first Captain America movie was a real joy. That movie had one of the best bits of writing with the flagpole scene.

And that reminded me of the bit in the second movie where Steve Rogers is talking to Sam Wilson after their run. That was another piece of fine writing. I knew when I saw that scene that every serviceman who’s ever slept in the field would be a fan.

And why not?

For all the problems, for all the political nonsense, our military is mostly honorable people who want to do the right thing.

The fact that the Imperious Leader is not honorable is not their fault. The fact that the military has been horribly misused by it’s political masters for more than a century is not their fault.

What a soldier wants to do and what they are ordered to do aren’t the same thing.

When politicos have too much tax money, they spend it.

When politicos have too many soldiers, they spend those too.

The issue is not the military or it’s honor.
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