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Not anymore

You can't childproof the world. The best you can do is world proof your children.
     — anonymous

I don’t know who said that quote originally. I ran across it in The American Zone by L. Neil Smith.

I’m tired of all the trigger warnings and the safe zones and the people claiming offense so they can control the speech and actions of others.

I just don’t have the time and I’m tired of having my guilt manipulated. I’m not going to give my passion to deal with these “walking wounded” anymore.

And gods forgive us, American pagans celebrate the hurts.

Not me.

Not anymore.

If you’re hurt, I’ll try to help you get better.

But you’re going to do most of the work. And you will get better if you expect my help.

You’re not entitled because of your pain. The world is full of pain. You can’t demand charity.

The world needs heroes more than it needs victims.

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