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You are not entitled

Last night I was too tired to do laundry. Blame my insomnia. So this morning I’m up early drinking OJ spiked with lemon juice concentrate, reading the news, and I come across this bit at Wendy McElroy’s place. I’m taking my time going through the links in part in self defense against Matt Forney and Robert Stacey McCain (hi guys!), and this whole thing about shaming crystalized in my head.

Now the whole shaming thing is something I’m really an expert in. I’m the environmentalist who doesn’t accept the doom of anthropogenic climate change. I’m the pagan who tells the Christians that their belief should not control the actions of those who do not share those beliefs. I’m the libertarian who tells progressives that human lives matter, not just "black" lives. I’m the straight guy who blames the radicals for destroying feminism and making dating and casual sex much harder. And I’m the “sensitive” guy who is fed up with the Manosphere pity party.

So guess what. People try to shame me. A lot. I may not have heard it all but I have heard enough.

You are not entitled.

Read that again.

You are not entitled.

I don’t care what has been done to you. If I haven’t met you I’m under no obligation to you.

Now, I’m willing to start with respect. After that, it’s going to be tit for tat. That’s it.

No shaming is going to change that.

Yes, I’m working for a better world. But on my terms, not on your demands.

You are not entitled.
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