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Power Grab? Not if we define and regulate it...

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The FCC sneaks in the back door on the cable companies

This one is pretty telling.

Stymied in its efforts to impose indecency rules on cable TV, the FCC has warned Time Warner Cable and Comcast Corp. that they may face unwanted conditions on their proposed acquisition of the assets of the Adelphia cable company unless they agree to rein in sexually explicit programming, the Los Angeles Times reported today, citing unnamed company sources.

The Federal Communications Commission was originally established to regulate radio.

Amazing how far they have come, isn't it?

From managing a limited resource (the radio spectrum) to dictating morality on cable. Last time I checked, cable TV was not free, people had to pay to use it. And in most communities, there is a choice of carriers.

There is a simple solution if you don't like what is on a station. Change the channel. I do that with professional sports all the time. Or even turn off the set.

Since I don't think the FCC would like living under my morals, I see no reason why I should have to live under theirs.

I suspect this whole discussion will become academic though, because I do not expect the broadcasters to survive as broadcasters. Fiber-optics will start to replace cable, and fiber optic lines have quite a bit more capacity. Imagine the equivalent of a full band cable box, ten telephone lines, and a T-1 line to play with and you get the idea.

Posted: Mon - December 12, 2005 at 06:24 AM

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