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The narrative is not the tragedy

I’ve been asked why I haven’t commented on the South Carolina church massacre.

We don’t know enough about the shooter yet.

Of course there are rumors which I won’t dignify by mentioning here.

These last couple of years especially, we’ve had way too many rumors drive the news stories. Activists from every side have used tragedies to put their narrative “out there,” regardless of the facts.

And no one calls those publicity hounds on it afterwards when we learned more.

The only interesting thing I’ve seen so far is that the guy was taking some strong pharmaceuticals. That’s something I want to know more about. There seems to be a more than casual link in many mass shooting cases. But that’s probably too simple.

We don’t know enough yet.

That hasn’t stopped the usual sources from baying and trying to claim this disaster as THE one that proves their point.

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