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Same thing only better with new management

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Same thing only better with new management

Looks like it is the GOP's turn to celebrate Big Government solutions

I've looked over President Bush's proposals and I've looked over commentary on both the Right and the Left.

I think Rush Limbaugh summed it up best.

“The president said we tried it your way for 60 years; we're going to do it my way now. He didn't put it in those words but there's plenty of conservative policy in his speech last night in terms of how to go about spending this money and rebuilding it.”

Same thing only better because it is the conservatives who are calling the shots.


It's still the All-Knowing Benevolent & Powerful Government swooping in to do That Which People Are Unable to Do for Themselves.

It's STILL statism.

LBJ would recognize it as a successor to the Great Society.

It doesn't matter what trappings it wears. Or what conservative costumes it has dragged from the closet.

It's still S-T-A-T-I-S-M.

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain."

Just for a moment, let's step back from the fact that this disaster was a compound case of human incompetence that we only noticed because the hurricane broke the levees.

Let's assume that your neighbor wants you to pay for his privacy fence. Well, that might not be so bad, you don't particularly want to look into his yard anyway.

Except the man is only your neighbor in the most general of terms. He lives across town.

And he wants you to pay for his car insurance too.

Did I mention that he has a seventeen year old son who likes to race the car?

Or the fact that the car is maintained by his fourteen year old niece who looks at it on alternate Tuesdays?

And that every weekend, he wants to switch cars with you?

Somewhere between a privacy fence and a levee and long before Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans ceased to be a local problem and a local responsibility.

And now, your government, without asking you, has decided to stick you with the bill.

Which might be padded just a bit.

Now, will any of the locals be able to decide how those billions will be spent?

Not very likely.

Will the Federal government still be expected to turn on the cash for the next major disaster?

Almost certainly.

How is this NOT statism?

Posted: Sat - September 17, 2005 at 05:20 AM

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