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NeoNotes — internet tactics

Pardon, but for all the talk about what Trump and his supporters did against "minorities," there was much more done against Trump's supporters.

David Wilcox beaten to death in Chicago.

Mitchell Mormon Jr. murdered in Atlanta.

A high school student from Rockville, Maryland was punched and kicked to the ground by his classmates for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

There were the San Jose "protesters."

And Eric Clanton, arrested for using a U-shaped bicycle lock on several people in Berkeley at a pro-Trump rally.

Or you could just do a web search.

It's way too easy to dismiss what the other person says.

I've told you before that one thing this last election showed is the Democrats are not nearly as virtuous as they liked to think of themselves, and the Republicans aren't nearly the selfish villains that the Democrats thought. Obviously the reverse is true as well. This wouldn't matter except the media, the universities, and much of the public schools promote the Democrat side so hard that any Republican idea cannot be allowed.

No one group and certainly no one person has all the answers or even most of the questions.

Add a bunch of politicos who are mostly interested in maintaining and expanding their own power, and you have the current mess.

I didn't give you homework. In this case I gave you specific examples before I mentioned a web search. The specific examples were in response to your attempt to dismiss my point. For some reason, you didn't double check before posting.

I pointed out before that dismissing arguments unheard and without even a cursory search to see if there is any validity just makes you look foolish and uninformed.

And you don't give me orders. Nor do you lecture me on internet discussions.

Tit for tat, neighbor.

I haven't covered it up. What I said is still up there. Except for spelling errors and punctuation, I never alter a post without marking it as changed. Even on my own blogs where I control everything that the reader sees.

I'm not responsible that you didn't double check and got caught out. You tried for the cheap shot and it didn't work.

I remind you that it's been a while since I responded to you unless you made a post directed at me.

Let's review. I posted to another commenter about some events in the news.

You made a flip, offhand comment trying to discredit the post by making it silly.

I provided a few specific examples from my notes, just to make sure I got the names and places right.

Realizing you were caught, you tried to backpedal but made a halfway-dispariging comment implying that I might be lying. Maybe a quarter-way. Unlike my conversation with ChristopherBlackwell where he gave information I couldn't verify, I had given you specific examples.

I suggested a web search. Presumably because you were embarrassed because you didn't know what I was talking about, you took offense. Notice at this point it is no longer about the facts I posted. It's now about your offense. It's a distraction. Deny, defend, and deflect. It can be a very effective tactic if the other person doesn't know about it.

But I do know about it.

That's when you accused me of giving you homework even though I hadn't done so. Now you had an excuse to escalate your offense. I pointed out that I hadn't done what you said but you were lecturing me. And yes you did, you "explained" the Scholar's Ploy for the second time (I think).

That's when you accused me of covering it up. Another distraction.

After I responded, you know want me to "show you" (talk about homework!) a non-existant rule that doesn't address what happened.

And we get to this long-winded and totally unnecessary discussion. This is where I point out again that there were more attacks directed at Trump supporters than Trump supporters attacked others. Until now I haven't mentioned the faked attacks against Hillary supporters reported to the police and soon uncovered.

Your last four posts on this sub-thread have attempted to distract attention from the original point I made.

Now I am taking the time and effort to tell you this so that you understand such attempts don't work, especially when I've come to expect it from you. Oh, and to thank you.

You see, my part of this conversation is going to be a post on internet courtesy at one of my blogs this next week. I probably wouldn't have taken the time to write it except for this little exchange.

NeoNotes are the selected comments that I made on other boards, in email, or in response to articles where I could not respond directly.

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