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Wednesday roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry

What the media aren’t telling you about Jamal Khashoggi

“This Was an Own Goal. This Was Ridiculous.”

“Why the Elizabeth Warren DNA story has united the right in anger and mockery.”

Google Introduces New Room 101 App In China

This app looks pretty evil.

Welcome To The Smart Home Government Snitch Program

Venezuela’s Meltdown Creates a Nation of Desperate Capitalists

Court: Police Can't Shoot Unlicensed Dogs With Impunity

Pages purged by Facebook were on blacklist promoted by Washington Post

How tech workers became activists, leading a resistance movement that is shaking up Silicon Valley

TSA Announces “biometrics vision for all commercial aviation travelers”

No, Facebook is NOT “Private,” Their Censorship Arm is Government Funded

Why Elizabeth Warren’s Lies Are Good For America

Portland Mayor's 'Emergency Ordinance' to Combat Constant Left/Right Street Brawling Has Civil Liberties Advocates Worried

When Social Media Platforms Block Conservatives

“The best answer to speech we don't like is: more speech.”

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