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Token doctor? - revised

A couple of years ago I told you what I thought about replacing Hamilton on the $10 dollar bill.

The same thing applies to the new Lady Doctor.

Regular readers know I liked Doctor Who. One of the absolute best quotes that ever came from television drama is from that show. I watch the show regularly on Sundays with my companion. And yes, my use of that word started as a cross between how it is used in Doctor Who and how it is used in the series Firefly.

I've also read science fiction from childhood.

But, but, BUT, if the reason for making the new doctor a woman is because this time she's a woman, THAT IS EXACTLY WRONG.

Hillary Clinton based her 2008 and 2016 campaigns on one pretty much one phrase, "it's her time." I talked to hundreds of people about Hillary, and that was the one thing that every supporter agreed on. "It's her time." Nothing about her ability, her merits, or much else. Just "It's her time." So we should have had elected a woman president because she was a woman? That's a lousy reason.

Our heroes aren't defined by their gender. Our heroes are defined by what they have done and how they inspire us.

If you are inspired by gender or skin color or religious membership, you should find a new reason.

By making about gender instead of ability or accomplishment, the BBC and the show runners have effectively tokenized half the human race. Suddenly, it's not about what you've done, it's about gender and how your gender has been victimized.

What's heroic about that?
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