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Tuesday roundup

Facebook Never Really Cared About Connecting the World

“Unless, as a new trove of embarrassing internal emails shows, the company could profit from it.”

Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret

Beavers return to Italy after more than 500 years

Harvard Study: "Gender Wage Gap" Explained Entirely by Work Choices of Men and Women

Killjoy CDC Warns Nation: 'Say No' to Delicious Raw Cookie Dough

Trump Just Achieved What Every President Since Nixon Had Promised: Energy Independence

While You Were Offline: Maybe All Social Media Was A Bad Idea

Macron’s Defeat in Paris Sounds Alarm for Europe

Climate summit language reveals real but hidden agenda

Progressive Minneapolis Just Passed One of the Most Deregulatory Housing Reforms in the Country

Mitch McConnell Appears to Be Killing Bipartisan Sentencing Reform

Australians Should Defy Their Government’s Poorly Considered Surveillance State: New at Reason

Florida Company Sells Ankle Monitors to Parents Who Want to Track Their Teens

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