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A Pagan looks at the “War Against Christians”

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Some people are deliberately confusing the issues to advance their beliefs

The campaign rhetoric is heating up. All over the place. And in more places still.

Getting to the point, we're really talking about several different things. And certain people are confusing the issue deliberately.

Yes, Christians are being attacked for their faith in some countries. It's not something is being covered by most of the media. Yes, it is absolutely deplorable, and yes, it is an attack on freedom. But it doesn't have anything to do the "cultural war."

At the same time, there are unfounded attacks on Christianity as an institution from certain media types. Yes, it's regrettable, but they are entitled to their opinion.

Here's the part that certain Christians don't want to talk about. There is also a very big push right now to enshrine Christianity as THE One Big Faith in the United States.

There is no excuse for that.

I founded this blog to show that someone could be a "person of faith" and NOT be one of the big three. I also founded it so show that you could be an American Neopagan and NOT be progressive.

Don't laugh, those extremes are more alike then you would think. Especially in the ways they deal with "heretics."

I firmly believe that matters of faith are a personal and private choice. I do not believe that someone has special virtue because they are Christian. Or Hindu. Or Wiccan. Or atheist. I prefer to judge people for their actions, not by their claimed beliefs.

So, you have someone killed or imprisoned because of their religion? Yes, I want to know and I will tell people about it.

You have someone bashing one religion while pushing another? Yes, I am against that.

You want to put "values" in the public schools and religious documents in the courts? You just lost me.

I believe you should choose your own faith and your own commitment to that faith. But I expect the same in return.

Posted: Fri - March 31, 2006 at 04:59 AM

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