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Wednesday mini-roundup

"Tech Crash Echo": It's Beginning To Feel A Bit Like 2000

Tear gas used once a month at border under Obama

Report: No Warming Trend At Three-Quarters Of Canada’s Long-Term Weather Stations

Hypocrisy: Outraged Networks Ignore Obama’s Tear Gas Usage Against Illegals

PG&E being zapped by lawsuits from California’s Camp Fire victims

MSNBC’s Own Reporter Kills Their Caravan Narrative

Twitter’s Trans-Activist Decree

A Transit of Common Sense

“Against the noonday sun of transgender affirmation in Britain a dark object was seen to pass this week. It was a question mark, or rather, several marks in close succession. Two psychotherapists, a re-transitioned woman and a member of parliament cast doubt on what, in a few short years, has become standard practice among health professionals: putting children on the transgender path.”

Ex-Pa. Attorney General Kathleen Kane to be jailed by Thursday morning

GM Will Shut Down Factory Built on Land Seized in Controversial 1981 Poletown Taking

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