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Wednesday roundup

Andrew Coyne: There are lies, damn lies and election campaigns

“There is something quite ludicrous about a political party raising the alarm over the spreading of falsehoods during an election campaign”

Advocates emerge in New Hampshire to promote prostitution legalization

Prostitution laws are vice laws and based in religion. As long as it's consenting adults, why should it matter what people exchange? One lesson from Prohibition is that making something illegal creates most of the crimes associated with that thing. Tip of the hat to The Honest Courtesan.

The Truth About What’s Happening In Venezuela Right Now Is NOT What the Media Is Reporting

There are reasons to doubt what you are being told, especially since it appears the U.S. is dead set on intervention. But Cuba may be part of the situation and not in a good way.

Why data, not privacy, is the real danger

“While it's creepy to imagine companies are listening in to your conversations, it's perhaps more creepy that they can predict what you’re talking about without actually listening.”

Privacy Battle Coming Over Home Security Cameras

Beware any security device that keeps it's records somewhere you don't control. If it's a free service, chances are you are the product.

End of Mueller investigation could spark battle between Justice Dept. and Congress over release of special counsel’s report

The entire report should be publicly released. And yes, the DoJ should follow up with investigations into what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did.

The Bolivarian God That Failed

Well worth reading. Socialism doesn't work, full stop. It destroys lives. This is from a "true believer" who watched it crash in Venezuela.

Ocasio-Cortez preps big reveal of WWII-level mobilization

Government is not your friend. Any politico who says so is lying. Government solutions ALWAYS cost more than expected and seldom do what is promised. Politicos and technocrats measure success by how much is spent, not by objective results.

What Was Missing From Trump's State of the Union? America's $1 Trillion Deficit

“Or the $22 trillion (and counting) national debt. Or the entitlement programs that will continue adding to them.”

The Rhetorical and Substantive Limits of Trump's American Greatness

“The president talks a good game about driving into the future, but his eyes are glued to the rear-view mirror.”

QE Party Goes Dry, Bank of Japan Tries to Confuse the Markets

It's getting harder and harder to hide financial secrets. Does this mark the end of central banking?

If Global Warming Is Killing Us, Why Is Global Life Expectancy Increasing?

Women’s March Overseas Chapters Part With National Organization

Just whose victimhood takes priority?

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