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Well, that was a mistake.

Even after writing about it a few days ago and a couple of months ago, I still put my foot in.

I told people that Christianity didn’t mean much unless you were a Christian. It might even drive people away from a good cause.

Suddenly Christianity applied to everyone, Christian or no.

Barely anyone remembered what the cause was or why turning it into a Christian revival might drive people away.

No, it was that NeoWayland had dared say that Christianity wasn’t the One Truth (for everyone).

They conveniently left out that last bit in parenthesis.

Silly me, I thought I could discuss things there.

Silly me, I thought they were interested in liberty and freedom.

Silly me, I thought you could be non-Christian and moral (like the good Samaritan).

Does this mean I’m going to give up on them?

I haven’t decided.

Silly me, I think that most people mostly make good choices.

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