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Will you?

So let’s talk about what’s been missing. The Dream.

Your Dream.

Oh, not the collective nightmare that the Imperious Leader tries to sell you as yours. And not the pipe dream that Bush League tried to bundle with the War on Terror. Not the con that Billy boy tried. Not the ‘compassionate” dream that Elder Bush tried. Not even the “shining city on the hill” that Ronnie Ray Gun invoked.

All these Presidents tried to yoke your dream and your power to their goals. Just like most of their predecessors.

You can do amazing things with your neighbors and friends. But only if you choose.

That’s the American Dream. You must choose.

It’s not dictated by one person. Or even one Congress.

It’s what you choose every day. All your choices and all the choices of everyone else in the nation.

That’s the dream. It rests on freedom.

What brand of tires will you buy? Will you go see your child’s program? Will you help out fixing some houses this weekend?

When you listen to the politico, will you ask what the catch is?

When you see a need, will you help?

You will choose.

Do you dream of something better? Will you choose that path?

What do you dream?

What will you choose?
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