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Women in combat

All other things being equal, strength and weight are going to win out.

Given the fact that many of the opponents our armed forces will face don't follow the nice rules, any female in combat is prey.

Speaking only for myself, I want the U.S. armed forces to be the toughest, most capable sons of a gun on the face of the planet. Especially the elite units. I want them to make other national leaders nervous, even if they are half way across the globe. I want whispers in the darkest shadows of just what happens when someone dares threaten freedom if an American serviceman can do something about it.

Any female who can fill the physical and mental requirements without any allowances for their sex has my respect. All the more so if they show the warrior virtues. But by all the warrior gods they'd better damn well hold their own and more.

I say that as a man who hasn't served but loves Lady Freedom and all she implies.
Originally these were my comments made on a thread at The Other McCain.

Then there is this.

Ranger School, which grooms the Army’s most elite special operations fighting force, opened its doors to women for the first time this year. Eight of the 20 women who originally entered the school's first co-ed class were allowed to recycle through the program after they fell out in their first go-round. The Friday announcement confirmed this happened again. Three of the eight were invited to take the course over again in late June.
      — All 8 women fail Ranger School: Some Rangers say standards should change

I have concerns.

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