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❝Perfect is the enemy of good.❞

Perfect is the enemy of good.
— attributed to Voltaire


Perfect solution

We don't have a perfect solution. But we don't need one. We just have to make today better than yesterday.
— NeoWayland

Run out of people

What I'd like to point out is that if you keep throwing people you don't agree with into the "Them" pile, you're going to run out of people in the "Us" pile.

And no, I don't include myself in your "Us" pile.

Disagreements happen. People should decide if they want a Grand Crusade where every one agrees (or is afraid to disagree) and nothing gets done. Or maybe where you go for the smaller battles that you can win with allies, instead of waiting for perfection.
     — NeoWayland

from crux № 19 — Free market

Our heroes are defined by what they have done and how they inspire us.

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