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“As if withholding belief was a moral crime…”

I have a problem with this assumption "at the moment the general reaction seems to be to disbelieve abuse survivors." I do not find it to be accurate. Mostly because of what group is being examined to provide the baseline for the general reaction, which I've rarely seen explained.

Every time I see this idea come up, it is used as a weapon against those who desire to have an examined and rational discussion without having to say "I believe." as if withholding belief was a moral crime. That idea that there is a culture of disbelief has been weaponized and used to silence those who ask uncomfortable and disquieting questions.
     — Isabella LeCour, comment on Accusations of abuse surface against ADF founder Isaac Bonewits

Little victories

I’m hoping for the little victories.

I hang out and comment at
The Wild Hunt. It used to be a pagan news site, now it’s more of an opinion site with occasional news.

Anyway, this
article covered pagan reaction to the American election. Scroll down in the comments to the one from Jim. Sometimes TWH deletes comments that are abusive. Although TWH hasn’t politically objectionable comments yet, this has been a strange year.

I don’t have permission to quote Jim’s comment and I am not going to ask for it. The act of asking would make it a much bigger thing than it is. Jim probably doesn’t know I have a political blog and he might be appalled at some things I support.

But by all the gods it’s great to see a modern liberal take on political correctness.

I’ve seen the same trends Jim has seen only I think it goes back to 2000 and the election of George W. Bush. I’ve written about the
True Believers on the left before and the trend I saw then.

So Jim has had his say and maybe some folks will take a harder look at themselves. Maybe TWH moderators will keep the comment.

Little victories can lead to big thoughts.


Political discussion

Any robo-caller demanding money is almost certainly a scam



In some ancient polytheistic societies, the worst punishment that could be meted out was to erase a person’s existence by no longer speaking or writing their name and erasing any reference to them. It was thought this also negatively affected them in the afterlife. As a matter of personal policy, follow this concept and this is why I have not named the shooter in this article. However, The Honored Dead do deserve to be known…
     — Cara Schulz, Facing Violence in Chattanooga: Two Heathens Share their Experience
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