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Technically this isn't news about this site.

I comment quite a bit on other sites. This picture was my favorite avatar for quite a while. It uses a theta symbol and
symbolized one of my favorite concepts. But it was time for a change and I had something else in mind.

A while back I created a category called
Thinking By Blogging at Technopagan Yearnings and had used the NW graphic you see. But in light of this piece By Your Own Name, I thought it would be hypocritical to use a personal sigil for that category. I was pushing it with the web address. So I switched to a labyrinth. I meant to use ithe NW sigil as a commenting avatar, but it needed more whitespace to work for Disqus. I just hadn't made the time.

Until now. And I'm getting a couple of nice responses. So instead of going into a side bar explaining on the sites that had noticed, I thought I would waste my own web bandwitdh by explaining.

Aren't you just thrilled?

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