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Competition Redux

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Computer security expert switches his company from Windows to Macintosh

The Security Awareness Company has switched from Windows based computers to Macintoshes. You can find some of the details here. Microsoft is either unwilling or unable to deal with some of the security issues in it's products, leaving room for third party suppliers to pick up the slack.

Just as you shouldn't have to be a high-end audiophile to turn on the radio or a certified mechanic to drive a car, you shouldn't have to be an expert in the operating system to use a computer.

Apple, for all of it's weaknesses (and it does have some major ones), is much closer to delivering an "appliance" computer that just works without having to worry if your computer is infected or if it will crash today.

But in a market controlled exclusively by one company, the average person wouldn't have that choice. And Microsoft would have very little incentive to get better.

Posted: Mon - May 30, 2005 at 07:32 AM

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